mandag 15. oktober 2012

Visa 2 Dance in Tanzania, Last week!

Off to work again. what a great way to start the day! 

The company made a choreography on these six Tanzanian dancers. They worked really hard for two weeks to be ready for performing the piece on stage at
 the national museum. 

Working on the choreography "Still"

We had a photoshoot for the news paper.

Our lovely girls

And lovely boys

In their costumes and starting to get ready for the performance in a few days.

After work it was on to networking meetings where the companies and dancers presented their work and got to know each other.

Silje talked about the work of Panta Rei Dancetheatre.


Our favourite way to travel was in the back of Rachel's car. Since this is not allowed in Norway we had to take the opportunity.

We watched our Norwegian friends in the performance "Umoja cultural flying carpet". 

Just before entering the stage with part two of our very new piece "I wish her well". Very excited!

We made it! So happy, tired and swetty after performing.

Straight after the performance we had to leave beautiful Dar es Salaam, Visa 2 dance and head for Norway. But first we spent a day in Istanbul.

Great view over Istanbul. Our last day of summer.


Norway here we come!
We had a great time in Tanzania once again and we hope to come again soon!

After a couple of days off in Oslo, we go all in for the big project "CODA ung" and Oslo International dance festival's 10th year anniversary. And most of all we have our big big premier of "I wish her well" 20 and 21 of October at Dansens Hus in Oslo. We are so excited!!:)

Visa 2 Dance in Tanzania, first week!

For the second time in a row we were invited to the dance festival "Visa 2 dance" in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. We spent two fantastic weeks there, teaching, choreographing, rehearsing and performing. We met a lot of familiar and new faces during our stay. 
This is from our first week:

On our way!

Getting to know the neighbourhood with Nat, Anne, Pia, Kari and Berit.

Planning meeting. 


We stayed at the very fancy four star hotel "Southern sun" who is sponsering the festival. Great hotel!

The girls are ready for first day of class and rehearsel.

First meeting with our Tanzanian dancers. Pia is holding a class for us.

What a great bunch!

Having lunch in tropical surroundings at Alliance francaise.

After class we went to The Russian Cultural Center to rehearse our new piece, "I wish her well". 

We went to our favourite restaurant where you can both play badminton and eat really good indian food all in the same place. What a perfect combination!

Anne is having a good laugh with Nat, our great composer. 

Pia is wondering why the chair has two arms. We still don't know...

This was a little bit from our first week. Stay tuned for lots more from our weekend break adventuring, and more from our last week of getting the choreography ready for stage and performing in the theatre :)

onsdag 10. oktober 2012

Visa 2 Dance in Tanzania, weekend adventures!

Our weekend started out with a concert, and some of the dancers did a short choreography to promote visa 2 dance. Berit and Kari is enjoying the entertainment.

The guys in "best friends" did a crazy and fantastic break/hip hop routine.

And these guys did a really great contemporary routine. Both groups had made the choreography themselves. They did really good! 

Everybody enjoyed the music and espcially the kids where dancing all night.

Saturday morning we went on a "bike reality tour" around some areas in Dar.

We had a really great guide who taught us a lot of things during the day:
- How the markets work.

- How you do take away coffe, Dar style.

- What you have with your coffee

- which looks like this when it's done. 

- How you grind the coffee

- And last but not least, tasting. It was the best coffee and caramel ever!

We visited a house where this very sweet lady made beautiful carpets of straws. They dyed the staws with henna flowers from their own backyard.

Here we got tea and chapati, typical local food.

Nice and crowdy inside:)

This lady served as a doctor for the village. People came to her with their problems and she had a garden full of fresh herbs which she treated them with.

We got a little taste.

We learned about the different Kangas and fabricks, how they use them and what they mean.

We had a visit at the Ethiopian restaurant "Addis in dar" after last years suksess. A really fun way to share a meal.

Silje was very sporty and excepted an invitation to do some traditional dancing. 

On saturday we said goodbye to our two bosses Anne and Pia. They had to rush back to Oslo and start the big project CODA ung.

On sunday we had our only chance to really chill, so we went for the beach! 
How many dancers can you get into a very small bajaji? 4!


We found this great beach last year, so we just had to go back to Kipepeo.

What a great way to end our Weekend adventures! 
Stay tuned for more about our crazy last week of finishing choreography and performing on stage.